Who Has The Most 50 Yard Field Goals In NFL History?

Who has the most field goals in NFL history?

Adam VinatieriColts’ Adam Vinatieri Breaks Morten Andersen’s NFL Record for Most Career Field Goals.

Adam Vinatieri has now made 566 career field goals.

With a 42-yard field goal in the second quarter of Sunday’s game against the Texans, Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri broke the NFL record for most career field goals..

What is the percentage of 50 yard field goals made?

The percentage of field goals made under 50 yards has grown 11.1% since 2001 and 26.2% since the goalposts were moved to the back of the endzone in 1974. Even field goals beyond 50 yards, while not automatic, are being made 65.2% of the time. As recently as 2004, kickers made less than 50% of those attempts.

Has anyone ever kicked a 70 yard field goal?

NFL Kicker Jason Sanders Kicks 70 Yard Field Goal.

Who has the most 60 yard field goals?

Kicker Brett MaherAfter hitting a 63-yard field goal last night in the Dallas Cowboys’ win over the Philadelphia Eagles, Kicker Brett Maher now owns the NFL record for most field goal made at 60 yards or longer.

What’s the longest field goal ever made?

Matt PraterLongest NFL field goal: Broncos placekicker Matt Prater connects on a 64-yard field goal at the end of the first half on December 8, 2013. It was the longest field goal in NFL history.

Has anyone ever kicked a field goal on a kick off?

The fair catch kick rule is very rarely used in the NFL. The last player to attempt a fair catch field goal was Phil Dawson, who tried a 71-yarder for the 49ers in 2013.