What Does Expiate Mean?

How do you use expiate in a sentence?

Expiate in a Sentence 🔉To expiate for breaking his neighbor’s window, John shoveled snow for three months.

During the sentencing, the victim’s mother said there was no way the murderer could expiate for killing her only child.

Jack had no idea how he was going to expiate the fact he forgot his wedding anniversary.More items….

What is the meaning of explicate?

transitive verb. 1 : to give a detailed explanation of. 2 : to develop the implications of : analyze logically.

What is the meaning of entreat?

to ask (a person) earnestly; beseech; implore; beg: to entreat the judge for mercy. to ask earnestly for (something): He entreated help in his work.

What does expiation mean in Islam?

Etymology. The root of Al-Kaffarah is Kafar (Arabic: کَفَرَ‎), means covering. In Quran, Kaffarah as a kind of worship is the way that Allah ignore sins and covers them. By Language Kaffarah means “a trait that tends to the expiation or atonement of sin”.

Which is the best definition of expiate?

transitive verb. 1a : to make amends for permission to expiate their offences by their assiduous labours— Francis Bacon. b : to extinguish the guilt incurred by. 2 obsolete : to put an end to.

What does enjoin mean?

verb (used with object) to prescribe (a course of action) with authority or emphasis: The doctor enjoined a strict diet. to direct or order to do something: He was enjoined to live more frugally. Law. to prohibit or restrain by an injunction.

What is beseech mean?

verb (used with object), be·sought or be·seeched, be·seech·ing. to implore urgently: They besought him to go at once. to beg eagerly for; solicit.

What are the major sins in Islam?

Major sins: Al-KabirahShirk (associating partners with Allah)Committing murder (killing a human being that Allah has declared inviolate without a just cause)Practicing black magic.Leaving daily prayers (Salah)Zakat evasion (not giving obligatory charity)Not fasting on the days of Ramadan (without an excuse)More items…

What does propitiation mean?

Propitiation is the act of gaining the favor of or making things right with someone, especially after having done something wrong. Propitiation is the noun form of the verb propitiate, meaning to appease or gain the favor of. Close synonyms of propitiation are conciliation and appeasement.

What does importune mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1a : to press or urge with troublesome persistence. b archaic : to request or beg for urgently.

What is propitiation and why was it necessary?

Propitiation is an action meant to regain someone’s favor or make up for something you did wrong. Propitiation often involves a god or gods, traditional or not. … If your team lost last year’s championship, propitiation of the football gods may be necessary this year.

Why is Jesus called the Word?

”Word”, “Discourse”, or “Reason”) is a name or title of Jesus Christ, derived from the prologue to the Gospel of John (c 100) “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”, as well as in the Book of Revelation (c 85), “And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name …

What is expiatory sacrifice?

adj having power to atone for or offered by way of expiation or propitiation. “expiatory (or propitiatory) sacrifice” Synonyms: expiative, propitiatory.

What is expiate?

verb (used with object), ex·pi·at·ed, ex·pi·at·ing. to atone for; make amends or reparation for: to expiate one’s crimes.

What is propitiation for our sins?

Propitiation is the act of appeasing or making well-disposed a deity, thus incurring divine favor or avoiding divine retribution. … While some use the term interchangeably with expiation, others draw a sharp distinction between the two.

How do you use ferment in a sentence?

Ferment sentence examplesAn immense ferment took place. … For a time there was considerable ferment in Egypt. … Saccharomyces Marxianus will not hydrolyse maltose, but it does attack cane sugar and ferment the products of hydrolysis.More items…

Are all sins forgiven in Islam?

Despair not of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

What does Fidyah mean?

Fidyah (also romanized as Fidya) is a religious donation of money or food made to help those in need. Fidyah is made when someone is ill or of extreme age (old or young), cannot fast for the required number of days, and will not be able to make up for the fast. In Ramadan, the Fidyah must be paid for each fast missed.