Quick Answer: Who Won The Very First Academy Award?

When was the first Academy Awards held?

May 16, 19291st Academy Awards/Dates.

Who was the first female to win an Oscar?

Julia PhillipsFirst Woman To Win A Best Picture Oscar: Julia Phillips The film’s success paved the way for Julia and Michael to make Taxi Driver just two years later; in 1977, they earned another Best Picture nomination for the dark Martin Scorsese classic.

Who created the Academy Awards?

Louis B. MayerTickets cost $5 (which would be $74 in 2019, considering inflation), 270 people attended the event and the presentation ceremony lasted 15 minutes. Awards were created by Louis B. Mayer, founder of Louis B. Mayer Pictures Corporation (at present merged into Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer).

Who won the first Academy Award ever?

Emil JanningsThe first ever Academy Award was bestowed upon Emil Jannings, for Best Actor for his leading roles in silent films The Way of All Flesh (1927) and The Last Command (1928). The first ever Academy Award for Best Picture went to Wings, a 1927 silent movie that told the story of two pilots in love with the same woman.

Who is the oldest winner of an acting Oscar?

Christopher Plummer1 Christopher Plummer (82) The oldest actor to ever receive an Oscar is none other than longtime Hollywood icon Christopher Plummer. He’s still acting at the age of 90, recently appearing in the 2020 Best Original Screenplay nominee Knives Out.

Who won the first ever Academy Award for best animation?

Academy Award for Best Animated FeatureCountryUnited StatesPresented byAcademy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS)First awarded2002 (for Shrek)Most recent winnerToy Story 4 (2019)2 more rows