Quick Answer: Who Was Shimei To King David?

Was Adonijah the son of David?

Adonijah, in the Old Testament, the fourth son of David, the natural heir to the throne.

David’s favourite wife, Bathsheba, organized an intrigue in favour of her son Solomon..

Who was Gera?

Ehud ben‑Gera (Hebrew: אֵהוּד בֶּן־גֵּרָא‎, Tiberian ʾĒhûḏ ben‑Gērāʾ) is described in the biblical Book of Judges as a judge who was sent by God to deliver the Israelites from Moabite domination. He is described as being left-handed and a member of the Tribe of Benjamin.

What did shimei do to King David?

As King David approached Bahurim, a man from the same clan as Saul’s family came out from there. His name was Shimei son of Gera, and he cursed as he came out. He pelted David and all the king’s officials with stones, though all the troops and the special guard were on David’s right and left.

Who ordered the killing of Shimei?

SolomonShimei seemingly survived his cursing and stoning of David, only to be killed later by Solomon at the behest of David (2 Sam 16:5-12; 1 Kings 2:8, 46)!

Who was Jonathan to King David?

Jonathan, in the Old Testament (I and II Samuel), eldest son of King Saul; his intrepidity and fidelity to his friend, the future king David, make him one of the most admired figures in the Bible. Jonathan is first mentioned in I Sam. 13:2, when he defeated a garrison of Philistines at Geba.

What does shimei mean?

In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Shimei is: That hears or obeys, my reputation, my fame.

Why did Balak want to curse Israel?

According to Revelation (Revelation 2:14), Balaam told King Balak how to get the Israelites to commit sin by enticing them with sexual immorality and food sacrificed to idols. The Israelites fell into transgression due to these traps and God sent a deadly plague to them as a result (Numbers 31:16).

Why did God kill Uzzah?

With his brother Ahio, he drove the cart on which the ark was placed when David sought to bring it up to Jerusalem. When the oxen stumbled, making the ark tilt, Uzzah steadied the ark with his hand, in direct violation of the divine law, and he was immediately killed by the Lord for his error.

Who mocked David in the Bible?

Michal’sMichal’s punishment for accusing David of exposing himself and temporarily disregarding his kingly position by taking off his kingly garments and dancing with commoners is stated in the last verse of 2 Samuel 6 when it states, “And Michal the daughter of Saul had no child to the day of her death.”

What did Joab do to David?

Utterly devoted to David, Joab believed that he knew David’s interests better than David himself did; hence he killed Absalom, although David had commanded that his life be saved. Joab showed his characteristic ruthlessness in the treacherous murder of two of his potential rivals, Abner and Amasa.

Why did David wear a linen ephod?

According to the Talmud, the wearing of the ephod atoned for the sin of idolatry on the part of the Children of Israel.

What does Merari mean in Hebrew?

The Hebrew word Merari means sad, bitter or strong (in the sense that a dish with a bitter taste might be said to have a “strong” taste). … The Merarites were charged with the transportation and care of the structural components of the tabernacle.