Quick Answer: What Is The Popular Sport In Spain?

What is the national sport in Spain?

footballThese are typical questions you hear from Spaniards when they meet each other.

As you can see, football in Spain is an important topic; it involves not only sports but also culture, lifestyle, and politics… Football is Spain’s national sport and easily the country’s most important mass movement and spectator sport..

Most popular sports in Spain#1. Tennis. Spain can be considered as one of the best Tennis playing nations in the World, and a formidable force when it comes to clay courts. … #2. Basketball. … #3. Roller Hockey (Quad) … #4. Golf. … #5. Motor Sports. … #6. Team Handball. … #7. Cycling. … #8. Water Sports.More items…

SoccerSoccer (Fútbol) is definitely the most popular sport in Barcelona, but it’s not the only one that has an enthusiastic following among city residents.

Although basketball may not be the most widely played sport in Spain, it is hugely popular among its fans. There are perhaps two reasons for this: firstly, the Spanish play basketball to a high standard. … Furthermore, Spanish teams regularly compete in international championships such as the EuroLeague and the EuroCup.

What is the most controversial sport in Spain?

BullfightingThe Controversial Bullfighting in Spain.

Top 12 Things Spain is Famous for in the worldCorrida De Toros (Bullfigting) Last but not the least is a sport Spain is very famous, or for some, infamous for – Bullfighting.Tapas. The Spanish bar-hopping culture is something no Spaniard can live without. … Flamenco. … La Tomatina. … Ibiza. … Paella. … Spanish Football. … La Sagrada Familia. … More items…•