Quick Answer: Does Full Name Include Middle Name?

How do you create a middle name officially?

How to Legally Change Your Middle NameDetermine whether your state has a specific form for name changes.

Gather required identification documents.

Submit your completed forms and pay required fees.

Publish a notice of your name change in a legal newspaper, if required.

Attend required court hearings.More items….

Do you have to put middle name on UK license?

do you need to supply your middle name ? … Therefore, the DVLA requires the applicant to provide their full name on a driving licence application, so that it mirrors the name held on the supporting identity documents, and also assists in the prevention of fraudulent applications.

What does full name consist of?

full name (plural full names) The complete name of a person, including first name, any middle names, and surname.

Is a middle name a last name?

A middle name is usually a recognised surname and not a patronymic.

There is no concept or definition of a “middle name” in English law. Your middle names (if you have any) are a part of your first name. … So, for example, if your full name were “John Fred SMITH” (your surname being “SMITH”), then your first name (in full) would be “John Fred”.

How do you write a full name example?

When a US form asks for “full name”, it means the sequence of names as written on your birth certificate or other official documentation (such as passport)….In your example:First name: Alexis.Middle name(s): Bernard Charles.Surname: Ducatel.

Do I have to write my middle name?

If it asks for your full legal name, then it wants your complete first, middle, and last name, no initials unless your middle name on your birth certificate is just an initial. … Choose your name for the purpose of these documents, and then be consistent from there.

Full legal name means an individual’s first name, middle name(s), and last name or surname, without use of initials or nicknames. … Full legal name means the applicant’s first name, middle name(s), and last name, without the use of initials or nicknames, as it appears on the applicant’s presented source documents.

Should I put my middle name on my passport?

A middle initial is acceptable on your passport instead of providing the full middle name. However, as a general rule of thumb, you should always enter your name as it appears on the documentation you present to prove your citizenship.

How can I legally add a middle name UK?

There are no formal restrictions on adding, dropping, or changing a middle name; simply apply for a Deed Poll with us and add a middle name of your choice! Once you receive your Deed Poll, all you need to do is change your official documents to show your middle name as a part of your legal name.