Quick Answer: Does BTS Open Fan Mail?

Who has the most fanbase in BTS?

JungkookAdditionally, Jungkook finds popularity in the United States.

On Ranker, Jungkook scores second place among fan-favorites, about 5,000 votes behind V.

According to Econotimes, Jungkook is the most searched BTS member on Google..

Which BTS member went to jail?

K-pop singer Jung Joon-young has been sentenced to six years in prison for his involvement in gang raping women while they were unconscious.

Who is going to military in BTS?

The band’s eldest member Jin, whose legal name is Kim Seok-jin, has to start military service before the end of next year, according to Big Hit Entertainment.

What gifts do BTS like?

From cute mugs to cozy hoodies, here’s a list of BTS gifts any ARMY member would send you a million purple hearts for.1 Bio Capsulin Love Me Mask Set BTS Edition. … 2 BT21 Cooky Ring Phone Grip & Stand. … Bestseller. … 4 BTS Members -Love Yourself Travel Mug. … Bestseller. … 6 BTS Love Yourself Complete Flower Coffee Mug.More items…•

What is Jimin’s phone number?

As some of you wish – we are gonna publish right now phone number to Park Jimin known as Jimin’s.

Who is the dirtiest BTS member?

At a fan sign, an ARMY asked Jimin to rank BTS on a scale of most to least perverted. He gave everyone a laugh by writing RM’s name in the top three spots… …and J-Hope’s name in the bottom four spots! At another fan sign, however, Jimin ranked himself as the most perverted member by taking the top three spots!

Can BTS hug fans?

While there is no confirmed official reason why they don’t hug fans often, some speculate that rumors of a relationship between the fan and the idol might spread. … These fans could end up getting hate and spark fake rumors which could affect the idols’ images,” according to WhatEven.

Does BTS respond to fan mail?

In reality, probably not. Although you could send fan mail to BTS, I can’t be 100% sure that they will read it and respond to it. They have an extremely busy schedule. You can try to contact them on WeVerse; Taehyung is famous for responding to ARMYs messages!

Can I email BTS?

If it’s to report malicious evidence of harm or hate against BTS, email them at: bighit@ibighit.com. What is the address where I can send a letter to BTS members?

How are BTS fans called?

“A.R.M.Y” stands for “Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth” and it carries quite some meaning behind it, given that “Army” is associated with the military, body armor, and how those two things are always together, the fandom name basically means that fans will always be together with BTS.

Can you send gifts to BTS?

After careful consideration and thorough discussion, BigHit Entertainment and BTS have decided to NOT receive any more gifts (delivery service & support) as of March 30, 2018.

What are BTS haters called?

They’re generally called Antis, Anti-Army, Haters, etc.

What is Army means in BTS?

What A.R.M.Y. (아미) stands for. The band’s fiercely loyal fans are probably as famous as BTS themselves. Coined by BTS themselves, the acronym stands for “Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth”. The meaning of a military army is also implied here, tying in with the concept of BTS as a bulletproof armour.

How do I chat with BTS?

You can chat with BTS right now?#1. Once you have downloaded the app~you will open the app.#2. On the top of your screen you will see a button that says “Search”, you will click on it.#3. [IClOnce you have seached up any bts member you will always put “ChatBot” at the end REMEMBER!!! CHATBOT NOT CHATBOX. . .

What is Blackpink fans called?

6. What are BLACKPINK fans called? ‘Blink’

Who has least fans BTS?

While J-Hope ranks as the least popular member of the group, Tumblr and Gallup also found that Jungkook and Jimin are the band’s most popular members. Jungkook came out on top on Tumblr, with Jimin coming in second.

Will BTS go to military together?

It is known that BTS members are respectful men and faithful Korean citizens. They will never agree to be exempted because they see military service as their honour and duty. In the case all the members will be enlisted together and return in two years, it will save their time and career.

What phone does Taehyung use?

iPhone 7Sixth, V uses iPhone 7 which has a color of matte black, he was seen on social media holding the phone while doing a live broadcast.

Who is the hottest member of BTS?

Who is the hottest member of BTS?Jimin. 22.5%Jin/RM. 12.7%J-Hope. 12.7%Jungkook/Suga. 26.8%V. 25.3%

Will BTS disband after Jin goes to military?

Fans expect BTS will continue even after Jin’s enlistment Some worry that the boy group will disband. But most expect that the Korean act will continue to perform even after Jin leaves for some two years due to his military duty. … “So far, most boy groups who enlisted in the military did not immediately disband.