Question: What Is The Controversy Between The Philippines And China?

What is the right or entitlement of the Philippines under international law that is being violated by China?

Under UNCLOS, every coastal state is entitled as a matter of international law to a 200-nm EEZ, plus an additional 150-nm ECS where applicable, drawn from baselines on continental land or islands.

China’s 9-dashed line claim negates, and thus violates, the Philippines’ legal entitlement under UNCLOS to an EEZ and ECS..

Why should the Philippines claim the Spratly Islands?

According to 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), the Spratly Islands lie within the Philippines’ 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone. … Spratly Islands could be the source of billion tons of oil reserves and natural gas. It is also considered as one of the most productive fishing in the ground.

Does the Philippines owns the Scarborough Shoal?

The Philippine claims to sovereignty over the features known as Scarborough Shoal and the KIG are independent of its archipelagic status both legally and historically. Because Scarborough Shoal is a feature which exists above high tide, it is capable of [sovereign] appropriation under international law.

What is the 9 dash line of China?

The nine-dash line—at various times also referred to as the ten-dash line and the eleven-dash line—refers to the undefined and vaguely located demarcation line used by China (People’s Republic of China) and Taiwan (Republic of China), for their claims of the major part of the South China Sea.

Who really owns Scarborough Shoal?

Overview. The Scarborough Shoal claimed by both China and the Philippines. Taiwan also claims the shoal as part of its territory. On April 8, 2012, a Philippine Navy surveillance plane spotted eight Chinese fishing vessels anchored in the waters of Scarborough shoal.

When did China claim West Philippine Sea?

22 January 2013On 22 January 2013 the Philippines initiated international arbitration against the People’s Republic of China (China) regarding its territorial and maritime dispute in the South China Sea – known as the West Philippine Sea in Manila.

Why is it called West Philippine Sea?

The first use of the term “West Philippine Sea” by the Philippine government was as early as 2011 during the administration of then-President Benigno Aquino III. The naming was intended as symbolic gesture to dispute the China’s sovereignty claim over the whole South China Sea.

Are the Spratly Islands man made?

Summary: From December 2013 to October 2015, China built artificial islands with a total area of close to 3,000 acres on seven coral reefs it occupies in the Spratly Islands in the southern part of the South China Sea.

Why is China claiming the West Philippine Sea?

China’s statement was a repeat of its claim that much of the South China Sea, including the West Philippine Sea, were its territory, and that the scattered reefs and rocks of the Paracels and Spratlys generated for it an EEZ and ECS – coupled with its so-called “historic rights” to the entire area.

Does the Philippines case against China enforceable?

The tribunal’s ruling is certainly a legal victory for the Philippines over China as the judges agreed unanimously on almost all the questions submitted by the Philippines, including a declaration from the tribunal that China is obliged to comply with UNCLOS and that the award is legally binding on China.

Is Scarborough Shoal part of Philippine EEZ?

Scarborough Shoal and high-tide features in the Spratlys generate territorial seas but not EEZs or continental shelves. Second Thomas Shoal and the waters around it are part of the EEZ and continental shelf of the Philippines.

Why West Philippine Sea is important?

Why is this important? Here in the Philippines, the West Philippine Sea epitomizes the rich marine diversity of this country. … These habitats not only provide the fish that fill Filipino fishing vessels (and Filipino plates), they also serve as spawning grounds for schools that populate seas throughout Southeast Asia.

What country does China claim to own?

The nine-dash line area claimed by the Republic of China, later the People’s Republic of China (PRC), which covers most of the South China Sea and overlaps with the exclusive economic zone claims of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Who is the real owner of West Philippine Sea?

Ownership of the West Philippine Sea has been a Solomonic decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration. Presiding over two women claiming ownership of a child, the Court declared that the Philippines has exclusive right over the West Philippines Sea and that China’s “nine-dash-line” is invalid.

Do the Philippines have rights to own the Spratly Islands?

Only China (PRC), Taiwan (ROC), and Vietnam have made claims based on historical sovereignty of the islands. The Philippines, however, claims part of the area as its territory under UNCLOS, an agreement parts of which have been ratified by the countries involved in the Spratly islands dispute.

Is South China Sea belong to Philippines?

The Gulf of Tonkin and Gulf of Thailand are both part of the South China Sea, and its shallow waters south of the Riau Islands is also known as the Natuna Sea….Names.South China SeaAlternative EnglishWest Philippine Sea (Philippine official government use; Claimed Philippine EEZ only)37 more rows

Why is the Spratly Islands important?

In terms of energy security, the Spratly Islands are considered indispensable to countries in the region due to the potential sources of natural gas and oil found under the islands’ seabed. … This would help in diversifying a country’s energy portfolio while making them less vulnerable to foreign oil and gas markets.

How far is Scarborough Shoal from Philippines?

approximately 120 nautical milesScarborough Shoal is a rock in the South China Sea, approximately 120 nautical miles west of the Philippine island of Luzon. There are no structures built on Scarborough Shoal, but the feature is effectively controlled by China, which has maintained a constant coast guard presence at the feature since 2012.