Question: What Is Another Word For Propitiation?

What is another word for effectuate?

In this page you can discover 28 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for effectuate, like: trigger, result in, set off, effect, execute, start, induce, ingenerate, occasion, do and lead to..

What is another word for worriedly?

What is another word for worriedly?anxiouslytroubledlyperturbedlyapprehensivelydistractedlydistraughtlyfearfullyunquietlyantsilyfretfully15 more rows

How do you use the word propitiation in a sentence?

Propitiate in a Sentence 🔉Only an idiot believes he can propitiate his way into heaven by giving the church all of his money. … To propitiate my dying mother and earn her forgiveness, I promised to look after my sisters forever.More items…

Are the words propitiation and reconciliation synonyms?

noun Synonyms Atonement, Reconciliation, Propitiation, Expiation, Satisfaction. By derivation and by Biblical usage atonement and reconciliation are essentially the same: two that were alienated are made at one, or put back into friendship.

What is propitiation and why was it necessary?

Propitiation is an action meant to regain someone’s favor or make up for something you did wrong. Propitiation often involves a god or gods, traditional or not. … If your team lost last year’s championship, propitiation of the football gods may be necessary this year.

What do you call someone who worries?

‘Neurotic’ is another word that would fit. Like ‘paranoid’ it has, or had, a strict mental health definition, and a looser idiomatic one, implying a tendency to worry excessively over little things.

What is opposite of sad?

Antonym. Sad. Happy, Glad, Merry.

What does propitiatory sacrifice mean?

propitiatory – having power to atone for or offered by way of expiation or propitiation; “expiatory (or propitiatory) sacrifice” expiative, expiatory. 2. propitiatory – intended to reconcile or appease; “sent flowers as a propitiatory gesture” propitiative.

What is the meaning of the word propitiation?

Propitiation is the act of appeasing or making well-disposed a deity, thus incurring divine favor or avoiding divine retribution. While some use the term interchangeably with expiation, others draw a sharp distinction between the two.

What is the meaning of reconciliation?

a situation in which two people or groups of people become friendly again after they have argued: It took hours of negotiations to bring about a reconciliation between the two sides. [ U ] the process of making two opposite beliefs, ideas, or situations agree.

What is the opposite of reconciliation?

▲ Opposite of the restoration of friendly relations. alienation. estrangement.

What is meant by perturbed?

verb (used with object) to disturb or disquiet greatly in mind; agitate. to throw into great disorder; derange. Astronomy. to cause perturbation in the orbit of (a celestial body).

What does the word licentious mean?

1 : lacking legal or moral restraints especially : disregarding sexual restraints licentious behavior licentious revelers. 2 : marked by disregard for strict rules of correctness.

What does the word Bible means?

The word Bible comes from the Greek “ta biblia” meaning “the books.” In other words, it was a collection of books. Despite the common assumption among many Christians that there is only one Bible, or one collection of canonical books used by Christians, this is not the case.